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Are you looking for an alternative DNS provider that is open and democratic, are you concerned about censorship?

neutralTotal DNS Neutrality

No corporation should say what websites should or shouldn’t be available to us, or the speed in which they load. By using OpenNIC you no longer have to question your ISPs motives, and can rest assured that your connection to the Internet is not being censored by your DNS server.

democracyHave A Say In Your DNS

The OpenNIC project is a non profit, democratic body where each user gets a vote when deciding new TLDs, policy changes, and the direction of the project.

privacyProtect Your Privacy

Governments all over the world are looking for ways to capture your Internet usage data. You can choose the DNS server you connect to, what country it’s located in, and how much logging is done with OpenNIC, so at least you are not tracked through your DNS requests.

tldsNew Top Level Domains

Unlock a whole new space of the WWW! With OpenNIC you will have access to an expanding range of new TLDs for you to visit and register as well as all the ones you already do.
Do you have a Top Level Domain that you would like to add to OpenNIC? Then submit a request to the community, you could be running one of the OpenNIC TLDs!

freeNo Cost (Gratis)

OpenNIC is a non profit organisation and does not charge money for access to it’s DNS services including the proposal/request of new TLDs. It’s free to use and the servers are run by volunteers, so there’s no financial pressure to corrupt the OpenNIC system. You too could be one of the volunteers!

nogovernmentFreedom From Government Intervention

The Internet is not owned by any single government, corporation, or individual and was designed and intended to be free and open. OpenNIC takes DNS back from a central authority operated in cooperation with the US Federal Government, and moves it into the hands of the users of the Internet, you and me!

nohijackingNo More ISP DNS Hijacking

Have you ever typed a wrong URL into your browser and been redirected to a search page owned by your ISP? The domain you were typing in, the ads you click, and the search you input can all be collected by your ISP This also is just annoying.
With OpenNIC when you reach a URL that is invalid, it lets your browser (which you are in control of) use it’s default response to the error, instead of trying to decide what’s best for you.