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What are eepSites?

An eepSite is a website that is hosted anonymously - you can access it by setting your web browser's HTTP proxy to use the I2P proxy and browsing to the site.

What is I2P?

I2P is a generic anonymous and secure peer to peer communication layer. I2P exposes a simple layer that applications can use to anonymously and securely send messages to each other. The network itself is strictly message based (ala IP), but there is a library available to allow reliable streaming communication on top of it (ala TCP). All communication is end to end encrypted (in total there are four layers of encryption used when sending a message), and even the end points ("destinations") are cryptographic identifiers (essentially a pair of public keys).
Thus I2P is a network that sits on top of another network (in this case, it sits on top of the internet) and can deliver a message anonymously and securely to another location. Visit the I2P Home Page or click for a detailed How To or in-depth technical information.