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Web Search by the people, for the people

YaCy is a free search engine that anyone can use to build a search portal for their intranet or to help search the public internet. When contributing to the world-wide peer network, the scale of YaCy is limited only by the number of users in the world and can index billions of web pages. It is fully decentralized, all users of the search engine network are equal, the network does not store user search requests and it is not possible for anyone to censor the content of the shared index. We want to achieve freedom of information through a free, distributed web search which is powered by the world's users.


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OpenNIC is a user owned and controlled Network Information Center offering a democratic, non-national, alternative to the traditional Top-Level Domain registries. Users of OpenNIC DNS servers, in addition to resolving host names in the legacy ICANN DNS, can resolve host names in the OpenNIC operated namespaces with which we have peering agreements.It allows you to :

  • register domains (.bit currently)
  • be the only person to be able to modify it (no possible external control)

It is inspired by the bitdns discussion and recent failures of the DNS.

  • This is a new blockchain, separate from the main Bitcoin chain
  • Name/value pairs are stored in the blockchain attached to coins
  • Names are acquired through new transaction types - new, first-update and update
  • Names expire after 12000 blocks unless renewed with an update
  • No two unexpired names can be identical


.ku, .te, .ti, .uu

New Nations creates new Top-Level-Domains for groups, population and cultures, unacknowledged by national states - such as the Tibetans, the Kurds, the Tamils, the Uigurs, the Sahrauis and others. Those groups are no longer presented as demonstrators, victims or bombers.