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Solutions for Anonymous Communication on the Internet

The Internet is used by more and more people for personal and business related communication. More and more traditional human interactions have been translated into an electronic equivalent: messaging, voting, payments, commerce, etc. Communications and data security are very important aspects in this area. Much effort has therefore already been done to achieve user/data authentication, data confidentiality, etc, in these electronic interactions.
Just as in the real world, the user's privacy should also be ensured. Solutions that provide anonymous communication in the electronic world are thus needed. In this way, it is possible that the sender'€™s identity is not revealed to the recipients of a message, and that other people on the network cannot trace who is communicating with whom.

We tried to develop easy "things"  to make Anonymous Communication on the Internet possible, we tried to fit almost all people's use and need

 ICThome - Home Router
for home use
ICTsoho - Complete installed Gateway/Router
for small and medium enterprise
ICTpro - Complete installed Gateway/Router/Firewall
Complete Solution to manage many networks5(LAN, WAN, GSM, WiFi)
ICTshop - Complete installed Router
Configured as Shop System ready to use, include .onion, .i2p and .bit domain and Bitcoin acceptance.

VPS with pre-installed Whonix!

Install and one year operation Fee included; Access via included VPN Connection via VNC and SSH; Root Access

Ready to GO!
3 Level to secure your Privacy

Security Packaged
Download or DVD Version

DNS Server and
OpenNic Domain Registration